Tired of the same old fishing bait?

Tired of seeing your bait go one way and your hook the other way?! Tired of throwing away half your packet of prawns before you’re done fishing?! Never throw away your bait or hard earned money again! 


The bait that outlasts, outcasts, outfishes, and leaves all other baits for dead!
About UFISH Brined Baits - Fishing Bait Shop Newcastle
About - UFISH Brined Baits

At UFish brined baits we love fishing, we are so passionate about it that some years ago we became disheartened with being the same old, run of the mill bait and tackle shop just stocking the frozen stuff. After a few years of research and development, we developed a brined fishing bait that went beyond expectations. And that is when UFISH was born!

UFISH now specialises in the supply of fishing bait only. Gone is the days of waiting for your bait to defrost, only to find that when your bait is ready to use, you just can’t use it! (Not for bait anyway)

Our baits have been developed to last beyond one fishing trip. Always remaining fresher than fresh and not breaking down like frozen or washed out fresh baits.

So, when you’re ready to fish, UFISH baits are ready for you!